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From Medical Genetics To Infrastructure And Cloud Security With Keynote Speaker And Thought Leader, Dr. Wendy | 2 Cyber Chicks Podcast With Erika McDuffie And Jax Scott

Episode Summary

After earning her Ph.D. in medical genetics from Oxford University, Dr. Wendy leveraged her expertise in analytics and was able to establish a background in infrastructure and cloud security.

Episode Notes

Dr. Wendy joins Jax and Erika to discuss her transition into the Cybersecurity industry, while sharing hot tips and tricks for our listeners. After earning her Ph.D. in medical genetics from Oxford University, she leveraged her analytics expertise and established a background in infrastructure and cloud security.

Dr. Wendy’s impressive experience ranges from aerospace, healthcare, financial services, consulting, telecommunications, transport logistics, and national infrastructure. In this chat, she provides valuable feedback on entering the industry, establishing credibility through thought leadership, and getting more speaking engagements under your belt.


Dr. Wendy Ng
Principal Cloud Security Architect at OneWeb [@OpenWebHQ]
On LinkedIn | https://uk.linkedin.com/in/wendyng1

Jax Scott
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Erika McDuffie
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Articles and Blogs: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendyng1/detail/recent-activity/posts/


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